Sefirin Kizi Af Somali Fanproj

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Sancar has always & Nare has always yearned for love. When they meet and fall in love as children,

they know they are meant to be; they just have to wait to be old enough to marry. On the night of

their wedding, a startling revelation by Nare forever changes their lives and puts their love on hold

ntil the night of another wedding many years later.

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Genre: Drama, Musalsal
Duration: 120 Min
Last Air Date:15 Feb 2021
Number Of Episode:40

6 thoughts on “Sefirin Kizi Af Somali Fanproj”

  1. Films ku o ficanyahaye waan mashallh wan kahelaye wallhi hno wa cajibe ee film laa sekuarkaye samacan aya losoma talleye wan ka helaye simacan aya losotor jomayena daakaa sotor siwagesan aya o sotorjomaye mashallh

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