Chatrapathi Af Somali

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When Shivaji and his family and the entire community of his village are one day forced to leave Pakistan, he is separated from his beloved mother, who once adopted him, while fleeing to India. Having grown into a respectable and feared man a few years later, Shivaji now sets out in search of his next of kin. But he also stands up for the rights of his people who are forced into forced labor by an exploiter and devotes his whole life to this task, which is why he is henceforth referred to as ‘Chatrapathi’.

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Tagline:For The People
Duration: 124 Min

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  1. Asc wll aflanta fanproj mrkaa kudhufto imaso baxayan add block ileeyhiin Mai fasaxi kartann inan flimanta dawadan rabaa mahadsanidin

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